VL FUEL TANK LEVEL 0-90 Ω  – diameter 52 mm

The Viewline 0-90 Ω fuel gauge provides information about the fuel level in the tank and can be used with all types of tank sensors.

• 8 pole Tyco / Hirschmann MQS plug
• + / – 3.6° angle degree accuracy over the entire display range
• Current consumption < 150 mA, with integrated warning light (LED)
• Input signal: standard Ω values for lever type sensors
• 90° display angle
• Optional makepoint switch can be connected
• Reverse polarity protection
• Anti-fog double lens
• Front side protection rating IP67


Fuel level gauge, adapter cable 8 pole, round bezel, pushbuttons for mode and configuration, spinlock nut, rubber seal, QR code, safety instructions