VERATRON GO All your vessel data close to your fingertips!

Veratron GO is a series of products featuring three versions. These 3 NMEA certified devices share the same look but their functions are not to be confused
Veratron GO (GPS),
Veratron GO Data (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Veratron GO Plus (GPS e Bluetooth)

Our GNSS receiver is the smallest available on the market.
Thanks to its reduced installation footprint – the Veratron GO device can be mounted almost everywhere in your boat without being noticed.


  • High-performance GNSS receiver
  • 10 Hz update rate 72 channels
  • Very high tracking sensitivity
  • Bluetooth Low Energy gateway
  • All your vessel data on your smart device
  • Powered by NMEA 2000® network
  • NMEA 2000® certified
  • Global BLE certified

Smallest NMEA 2000® GNSS antenna on the market
Small installation footprint
Minimal cut out size: only 16 mm hole required
White ASA* plastic housing
→ Maximum UV resistance
→ Higher resistance to environmental stress
Bottom filled with two-components resin
→ Air-sealed device for weather resistance
DeviceNet M12 connector
→ Powered by NMEA 2000® network
→ No dedicated power supply required

Engine RPM, Trim, Boost Pressure, Coolant Temperature, Fuel Rate, Fuel Pressure, Engine Oil Temperature, Engine Oil Pressure, Engine Load, Coolant Pressure, Engine Alarms, Gear Oil Temperature, Gear Oil Pressure, Gear Position, Gear Alarms, Fuel Level, Fresh Water, Waste Water, Exhaust Temperature,  Rudder Angle, COG, SOG, GPS Position, Depth, Yaw, Pitch, Roll, AWA, AWS, TWA,  TWS,  TWD, True Heading,  Mag Heading, Sea Water Temperature, Air Temperature, Barometer, Water Speed, Battery Voltage, Engine Hours, Battery Current, Battery Temperature, Battery SOC,  Battery SOH, Autonomy, Battery Ah.

 Veratron Go – NavDash App

The easiest way to display your vessel data on your mobile device.
Download Veratron app
The most complete app for vessel monitoring, it allows to easily setup your system and instantly have a direct view on your engine, read your sailing performance data, keep an eye on your batteries status and receive alarm notifications.