Sunware solar modules, without glass, are functionally reliable, robust, light-weight, weather-proof and sea-water resistant: therefore they have been specially designed for marine applications.

The innovative manufacturing process make them particularly suitable to be installed on the deck of the boat, avoiding vibrations and the negative effects of high temperature. Self-cleaning and safe to step-on, SUNWARE modules are easy to bend and can therefore adhere to the deck (maximum bending 3%, i.e. bending of 3 cm per 1 m long module).

Each module is supplied complete with stainless steel back-plate, a sea-water proof and UV resistant cable (3 m long – red/ blue 2×1.5 mmq).

Available models in the range 14 Wp to 100 Wp ( 12 V )

SW-20 cable outlet on the front, no ventilation required

SW-40 cable output on the back, front side completely flat

ACCESSORIES: mid clips and side clips – plugs, sockets and connectors