BEP Marine have created a completely new concept for small cable termination with the Z-Bar range. These bus bars maximize power density by utilizing high and low level bars to optimize cable runs, saving even more installation space


• Modular sizing and common interconnection height: Easily linked with other Pro Installer Busbars and Fuseholders to save installation time and space
• Clean installation—all cables can be run from one side of the Z-bar
• Innovative clear covers insulate/protect on three sides, with “snap outs” for extra cable access as required
• Label recess on cover allows fitting up to ½” width (12.7mm) printed labels
• Insert molded studs offer superior mechanical strength
• Designed for the harsh marine environment


• 10 way and 18 way versions
• 4 x 6 mm ( ¼” ) studs with anti-seize lubricant
• 4 mm ( 5/32” ) terminals with captive lock washers
• 200 A max per Bar ( 2 x 200 A )
• 50 V DC
• Tinned CDA102 copper conductors
• Stainless steel studs, washers, nuts for longevity in marine environment
• Metric threads