These ANL fuse holders offer unparalleled circuit protection choice for both the installer and end-users. The innovative Through-Panel fuse holder (778-ANLTP) provides superior access for fuse inspection and replacement.
Small electrical loads are catered to with the compact 778-ANL unit while additional cable security and highest capacity is provided by the 778-ANL-2S featuring additional studs for separate clamping


• Cable connection studs: 8 mm (5/16”) on 778-ANL, 10 mm (3/8”) on 778-ANL-TP and 778-ANL-2S
• Fuse mounting studs 8 mm (5/16”)
• Double washers allow any ANL fuse brand to be fitted
• Fuse type ANL or ANN (fast blow)
• Swinging fuse style allows changing fuse w/out removal of fastening nuts
• Amperage: determined by fuse sizing, 778-ANL (35 – 300 A), 778-ANL-2S (35 – 750 A), 778-ANLTP (35 – 500 A)
• 50 V DC
• Tinned CDA102 copper conductors (778-ANL-2S) / CDA260 high conductivity brass conductors (778-ANLTP)