Marine diesel water cooled exhaust systems are designed to take temperatures of only 120°C. The uncooled exhaust gasses may reach more than 500°C. To cool the gasses, the exhaust depends on a free flow of cooling raw water from the engine. This flow can be cut off by a plastic bag, seaweed being sucked into the raw water intake or by damage to the raw water pump impeller. The exhaust gas temperature will rise immediately and the exhaust system will overheat and may be seriously damaged. In most situations the exhaust alert alarm will sound before any damage occurs.

Halyard’s new Exhaust Alert provides a class leading exhaust overheat alert system housed in a stylish new standard 52mm diameter, IP67 waterproof gauge. The new system incorporates self-test functionality and is supplied as a 12 / 24 Volt dual voltage unit to suit either supply. Available with a choice of chrome or black bezel and black or white gauge faces to compliment your existing gauges.