EOB-3000® Marine generator control panel

EOB-3000® is the most advanced and complete command and control board for Eneon® Generators, EOB-3000® is available as standard across the EM 3000 rpm range.
It allows to monitor all the major electrical and mechanical parameters of the generator, to have it constantly under control.
EOB-3000® control panel is installed remotely, and cable connected to the EM series generators.
EOB-3000® control panel is not expandable

• Low oil pressure
• High water temperature
• High exhaust riser temperature
• Battery Charger fault
• Starting fault
• Mechanical fault
• Low frequency
• High frequency
• Low battery voltage
• Low alternator voltage
• High alternator voltage
• Maintenance request
• Overload

• Gen voltage (Vac)
• Current (A)
• Frequency (Hz)
• Battery voltage (Vcc)
• Oil pressure (bar)
• Engine temperature (°C)
• Counter