The Wallas® stove heaters are perfect for marine applications. They do not run on gas, so you do not need gas bottles on board and they do not require current generators to be electrically powered.

Under the elegant hob, there is a diesel burner powered by engine fuel tank.

The Wallas stoves aspire the combustion air from the cabin and carry the exhaust gases outside. Thanks to this feature, the cool air is forced to enter by creating a positive effect of washing with fresh air recycling, which reduces the humidity inside the boat and the mold growing

Main advantages:

  • • Safe. No exposed flame means safety and no moisture added to the cabin. Non-explosive fuel.
  • • No humidity. Combustion gases are diverted outside.
  • • Easy cleaning thanks to the smooth glass-ceramic hob.
  • • With heat blower lid, you can transform your stove into a 2kW cabin heater.

A large range of accessories is available for installation

Available Models  ( 12 Volt )

85NDT & 85DT + 270  ( 900 – 1900 Watt )

85DP ( 900 – 1900 Watt )

88DU ( 900 – 1900 Watt )