Centaur battery chargers have automatic three stage IUoUo charging. All models are designed to operate all over the world without any adjustment needed on input voltage range or frequency.
They have three isolated outputs to simultaneously charge 3 battery banks. Each output is capable to supply the full rated current.

Standard features
Aluminium epoxy powder coated case with drip shield, circuit board protection with an acrylic coating, built-in temperature sensors, forced cooling, protection against output short circuit and over temperature, analog ammeter, DIP switch for selection of charge/float voltage for flooded lead-acid, gel or AGM batteries, Europe CE certification and U.S.A. UL certification.
Temperature range: -20 + 60° C

(1) 100 % output up to 40°C, 80% nominal output at 50°C and 60% of nominal at 60°C.