• Power supply range : 180-265 VAC
• Completely encapsulated body. Water, oil or dirt will not damage the Blue Power IP67 charger. The casing is made of cast aluminium and the electronics are moulded in resin.
• Top level efficiency: with 92% efficiency or better, these chargers waste three to four times less heat
• Adaptive 4-stage charge algorithm: bulk – absorption – float – storage. The Blue Power charger features a microprocessor controlled ‘adaptive’ battery management. This feature will automatically optimise the charging process relative to the way the battery is being used.
• Bluetooth built-in function for smartphone monitoring

The models with suffix (1+Si) feature a second current limited output which is always powered as long as 180 – 265 VAC is present on the input. This output can for example be used to prevent starting of a vehicle before unplugging the battery charger (start interrupt function).